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How to choose a swimsuit according to your complexes?


It's the afternoons at the pool and evenings at the beach time, so it's time to pull out the swimsuits and get in the water! But not everyone is comfortable in a swimsuit, some people even avoid going swimming because of their complexes. Obviously no judgment, we have all our insecurities, but that should not prevent us from enjoying this summer. If you too have trouble finding a jersey because of your complexes then this article is for you! We have prepared a selection of swimsuits according to your complexes.


Little reminder: all bodies are perfect as they are, learn to love yourself as you are even if it takes time. In the meantime here is the selection; 


Two solutions to hide your stomach

If you have complexes about your stomach and don't want to show it for any reason, here's what you need; you have two options; 


  1. Either you want to wear a 2-piece but still hide your belly for that, I advise you to opt for a high-waisted bikini bottom, which therefore goes up on the belly to cover it.
  2. Or if you prefer to play it safe and cover everyone up then choose a one-piece swimsuit. 


We have what you need to cover your chest

Then if you want to cover your chest or give it more volume a swimsuit with a wide frill on the front should do it. You can also opt for bra-style bikini tops if you are not a big fan of ruffles. 



What if we could all cover ...

And to finish the solution to cover the stomach, buttocks and chest at the same time, it is the tankinis which are swimsuits that come in different shapes most of them have ruffles at the level of the belly, but we can also find some with ruffles on the chest, but also on the buttocks. Perfect for hiding your complexes and enjoying the sun!



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