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The trend of the season:the leather effect

  The end of the year is coming, and with it new trends are unveiled. And the one I'm going to tell you about today is the leather effect. Sometimes rebellious, sensual or even chic, leather has that little magic that completes a look. By its look, it can be worn at any time of the day. I show you?


  8H 12H: We rush to work!!

  And what could be better than to start the day feeling magnificent For that, no doubt: the shirt is the perfect garment! In an oversized version, like this Studio Untold shirt, it goes very well with jeans, whether in pants or a skirt. This piece is already provided with character, wear only a few jewelry (rings or bracelets) to avoid overloading it. To add contrast, opt for white sneakers for a no-fuss look. 


  12pm 2pm: Lunch with the girlfriendss

  Phew, a little moment of relaxation with the girls. And if we went to this new restaurant For that, nothing like the skirt. For the top, a small sweater for a casual chic effect. It brings softness to this raw material and makes it more accessible..

(Photo @Pinterest)

  Want to cover you I suggest the jacket. You can wear it over a turtleneck sweater for a working-girl effect. The little extra Wear a colorful jacket to make it the highlight of your look. Don't hesitate to add a belt to mark your figure.e.

 (Photo @Pinterest)


  Until 5:00 p.m .: We get motivated!

  We go back to work with the leggings. Pleasant to wear, the leather effect adds a casual chic touch that we love. The unmistakable look A simple little top and a printed jacket. A balance between the audacity of leather and the relaxed nature of the tile. And don't forget the accessories!!

  And for those who want to be more original, why not try the culotte skirt. This wide-cut garment has been making a strong comeback in recent years. Heels are a perfect combo for an elegant look but if you want to play it more casual try it with a pair of sneakers. For the top, consider a cut closer to the body to balance the silhouette and tuck it inside the pants. This look must hint at a marked waist..


(on the left, photo @Pinterest. On the right, Studio Untold panty skirt)


  In the evening We party!!

  After a hard day, there's nothing like going to a bar to relax, hang out with the girls. To go out, the leather effect dress is amazing. This single piece succeeds in constituting a sober but classy look. We fall for this Lemon Mint model, which will go very well with sneakers or heels. You can also opt for a shirt dress, very fashionable. If you're wearing it long, unbutton it at the bottom to show off your legs and lighten your figure..

  And if you want to think outside the box, why not go with the shorts Paired with a blazer and heels, this is the party look. Be careful not to forget thin tights. We wouldn't want to be cold with this weather..

 (Photo @Pinterest)


  When it comes to color, black is a safe bet. But if you want to change, start with camel or burgundy. These shades, less strong than black, bring just as much elegance and allow you to have fun.

(Photo @Pinterest)


I hope I convinced you ! So how would you wear the leather effect?

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