Trendy prints of the season – Bold Shapes

Trendy prints of the season

  With the latest fashion shows, the trends for the Fall Winter 2021 season have been revealed: leather, lilac, and above all prints. Houndstooth, checks and zebra make a comeback to dress you up. In all colors and styles, they will add some pep to your wardrobe. I therefore offer you a focus on these prints and how to wear them to be the most stylish this season..

  We start with the only one: the tile. Surely one of the most popular prints, it has long been associated with a casual look, especially thanks to the famous red shirt.

                                         Photo @Pinterest

 Today, you can see it on oversized jackets and coats, over a sweater and jeans. We can take the example of Studio Untold:


  For fans of the shirt (let's respect the classics), you can mix it with a denim or leather skirt and pumps, for a chic and fun effect. The check shakes up the codes and now adapts to all styles. For colors No limits. Green, blue, red, purple, black. Let yourself be guided by your desires!!

                                                  Photo @Pinterest

  And for those who want to be indomitable, I'll leave you with the zebra print. From basic black and white to bold colors, this print has been a real success in recent years, to the point of competing with the leopard. If you want to get started but don't know where to start, here's a little tip: go with the black and white print and compose your look using these colors. The skirt with a simple white top, the shirt with black jeans. Here is a good example with this She Gul NY skirt and the Lemon Mint jacket.


Keep it simple and take your time. When you're more comfortable, feel free to turn to color.


        (on the left the Studio Untold shirt jacket, on the right a look @Pinterest)

  The last print of the season is the houndstooth. Both timeless and elegant, wearing it will ensure you are at the forefront of the trend. As a blazer for a casual look or a skirt for elegance, the houndstooth goes well with all styles and tastes. Take a look at these Studio Untold pieces:


  Finally, I let you discover THE must-have piece of the season: the floral dress. Timeless, it comes back every year for our greatest happiness. You can wear it long or short, light or dark, the most important thing is that there are flowers! The ultimate look Wear it with heeled ankle boots, under a big mesh cardigan for a cozy or a long coat for the class. And don't forget the accessories. A beautiful hat, some jewelry and you're done!


                                                   Photos @Pinterest

  Keep in mind that if you want to try the prints, but aren't sure how to go about it, you can always try small. I'm talking about accessories: a bag, jewelry, a belt We've all fallen for a piece, without ever wearing it because we didn't know how. Integrate the prints in small touches and have fun discovering which color they stand out best on you, which material ... You can continue with a piece of clothing and why not, end up mixing them together! The secret is to take the time to familiarize yourself with it, to try out different outfits to see what suits us..

  And you, what print are you going to wear this season 

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