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The jewelry trends of the moment

  There is nothing better than feeling good about your clothes. The jeans that make you beautiful legs, the little black dress in which you feel beautiful, the colorful blouse that brings out your eyes.But what would a look be without the Silver, gold or colored accessories, the jewel can complete an outfit by small keys, or even become the flagship element. So here are some trends to wear it this season! !


  XXL raw jewelry

  While fine jewelry was popular a few years ago, today it makes a point of being seen at first glance. By their size, they are eye-catching and would almost steal the light from clothes. In addition, the parades have shown that the line is thinning between clothing and jewelry. Thus, the latter becomes a belt, bandana or even a shirt collar.


(on the left the Fall / Winter 2021 Jill Sander show, on the right the Fall / Winter 2021 Dior show)

  Daily diversions

  In a more original register, the designers indulge themselves by diverting everyday objects into fashion accessories. Keyring at Hermès, Lipstick necklace by Fendi, Balenciaga and its credit card earrings Practical objects merge with aesthetics for an offbeat result..


(Hermès Fall / Winter 2021 show)

  Festive spirit

  Do not wait any longer for the end of the year celebrations to shine! The trend is rhinestones, sequins. After months of being locked up at home (mostly jogging, let's be honest), it's time for extravagance. Necklaces, earrings, rings, add as many as you want.

(photo of the Dsquared Fall / Winter 2021 show)


  Make way for good energies with stones and crystals. With the current environment and the emergence of less conventional wellness routines, many people have found solace and interest in these colorful stones. Rose quartz, jade, tiger eye, each one has a special meaning. But believe it or not, admit that they are all beautiful and add a little something bohemian to your outfit.

(photo Euthénie Ring in Rose Quartz from Bijoux Grandiose)

  Ethical jewelry

  Current values, in terms of inclusiveness or environmental responsibility, have significantly changed the fashion industry. Today, customers are turning more to brands in line with their convictions. As for jewelry, we will therefore favor Made in France as well as raw materials that are more respectful of the environment.

  To another extent, inclusivity is also found in jewelry! This is particularly the case with the Grandiose brand, which recently joined our ranks. Blandine, its creator, worked for a long time in jewelry. She advised and supported clients in their search for the perfect accessory. While realizing that she couldn't try most of the products she sold, given the narrow size range. If fashion begins its first steps in inclusiveness, too slowly if we are honest, accessories are the big forgotten ones of this commitment. Never mind, Grandiose will be happy to make up for such a shortfall. Rings from 60 to 66, longer bracelets so as not to oppress. And the little extra Creations made by French artisans and guaranteed to be lead and nickel free..


And you, is there a jewelry trend you like?

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