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Fashion's impact on the environment

The textile industry is one of the most polluting in the world and has dire socio-environmental consequences. Whether caused by fast fashion, waste or the production and manufacture of clothing, in all sectors fashion pollutes. The solution is to quantify, reduce, control and reuse what you buy and where you buy. But this also applies to brands which must promote slow fashion and an eco-responsible discourse, but also to have the most ethical and ecological manufacturing and production possible.


For the past twenty years, rapid, disposable fashion known as fast fashion, which consists of renewing these clothing collections as much as possible in one year at very low prices, has been booming.r. 

This mode of production, used by several brands, is at the origin of several problems such as the rate of greenhouse gases emitted per year, which is equivalent to 2% of global emissions. Or the production and manufacture of clothes that pollute and consume more and more water.          

In addition, the manufacture and production of raw materials whether synthetic (polyester), vegetable (cotton) or animal have alarming consequences on the environment; plastic pollution of water, use of excessive fertilizers and pesticides and animal abuse.

Likewise, disposable fashion amplifies the phenomenon of overconsumption and contributes to the big problem of waste. But waste is not only a concern of consumers, but also of fast fashion brands which produce in mass and resort to incineration.

And in addition to impacting the environment the fashion industry and mainly fast fashion causes a form of modern slavery in garment factories. Exploited children and women, inequalities in production chains, poor working conditions and even slavery and the torture of some communities for discriminatory reasons 


Perfectly aware of this major problem, we owe it to ourselves to do our best to preserve our planet and to offer healthy and ecological clothing and to collaborate with as many eco-responsible brands as possible. Bold Shapes offers a high-end wardrobe for curvy women with different types of pieces all of very good quality and durable. We prioritize quality over quantity and offer brands that share the same ethical and inclusive values as us. Here are three brands that we have selected which have eco-responsible fashion as their main values;


Lora Geneis a clothing brand that bases everything it does on the environment. She finds it important to leverage their influence and help align economic development with environmental protection and social responsibility. Their priority is to minimize waste and waste in the design, production, manufacture, transportation, marketing and sale.



Leena Paris:

Aware that the textile industry is one of the most polluting in the world, it chooses an ethical and eco-responsible sourcing model, using rolls of existing fabrics, over-stored, from French suppliers. She selects them carefully to always be in the current trend while minimizing waste.



Octavia & Leonie:

For this brand, local production is a very important commitment for several reasons;  as to support employment in the sector and ensure the sustainability of French knowledge, but also for ecological reasons. This is why all their collections are designed and manufactured in France as well as for the raw materials used and for their accessories.

But that's not all, at Octavie & Leonie, we say no to fast fashion and yes to limited series or on demand, because they want to offer exclusive and original collections, but it is also for them to say no to overproduction. They favor a reasoned and reasonable production.


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