Your figure in 5 morphologies – Bold Shapes

Your figure in 5 morphologies

There are several types of body types that are important to know if you want to highlight your figure, but which one is yours??

Discover your body type with Bold Shapes as well as advice on how to dress according to your figure.


TO:type of morphology very common in women; you have a small bust and narrow shoulders, a marked waist, but more developed hips and thighs.


To dress an A body type, prioritize straight pants and skirts. As for tops, choose clothes that give volume to your upper body such as ruffled blouses. And it's the same with dresses, opt for dresses with volume towards the top of the body, but straight down to rebalance your figure.

 Our morphology selection in A



V:A silhouette defined by shoulders wider than the hips, a narrow pelvis and legs and smaller than the upper body.


For your tops, it is advisable to wear fluid tops such as a blouse, blouse, tunic or even tank tops. And as for pants, skirts, you are lucky, you can dare anything, everything suits you.

 Our selection of V-shaped morphology


H:the H silhouette is well proportioned. Your waist is very little marked and your shoulders, bust and hips are almost at the same height. This type of figure is very easy to dress up.


To bring shapes to this silhouette, it is advisable to wear low waist pants or skirts with volume to give an illusion of more developed hips. 

As for dresses, prioritize shirt dresses and necklines that will highlight your slender figure.


 Our morphology selection in H


8:this type of morphology is characterized by a marked waist, hips and shoulders of the same width and a generous chest and wide hips.


To showcase your marked waist and developed hips, high waisted pants and A-line skirts are what you need.  As for the tops, choose tops fitted at the waist with a V or square neckline enhancing your chest. And this also applies to dresses, a wrap dress for example would be perfect. 


 Our morphology selection in 8


0:this morphology is characterized by shoulders and hips of the same width and rounded. A little marked waist and curves in the stomach, thighs, hips and arms.


As for tops and dresses, avoid clothes that are too loose and opt for fluid tops with a round or square neckline with a belt at the waist to reshape your figure. With a colorful top match this with dark straight pants and you and voila.

 Our morphology selection in H

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