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Our 4 essentials for this summer

Summer is approaching which means the clothes are shorter, cooler and more colorful. So there are so many new pieces to shop for this season. You are a round woman and you do not know where or what to buy for this summer?

Don't panic, we have selected 4 summer essentials to have in your plus size wardrobe! Comfortable, lightweight pieces especially for plus size women that can suit all styles. But this is not all because all the products mentioned are available now on our site! Let's get started!


  1. The summer dress

She's the queen of summer! Short or long, with prints or solid, the summer dress is a must have in your closet this season.

It's just a flowy dress that you feel comfortable in. From classy to casual dresses, there is something for every taste and every occasion. And if you don't know what to wear to parties this summer, the famous little black dress will do just fine!


2.  The swimsuit 

And yes, who says heat says swimming. What could be better than spending the summer by the sea or by a swimming pool Yes, you have understood that the second essential of the summer is the swimsuit. More like a room or two ?

Whatever your preferences, there are all kinds and for everyone.



 3. The tank top

The basic that goes with everything, skirt, pants or shorts, the tank top is the most practical piece and worn during this season.

A simple but effective piece, to wear with a blazer for a more refined look or with a skirt for an afternoon in the sun, the tank top is essential that everyone should have in their closets.


4.  The short

And finally, we say goodbye to winter pants and hello to summer shorts. Practical, resistant and comfortable, the shorts can be worn everyday at the beach or in town.

You can wear it with heels as well as with sneakers, it will all depend on the occasion.


 So, it's good, you've all noted You can now use these tips and shop your essentials on our site boldshapes.co 

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